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About C&E Glider Safari

C&E Glider Safari started out innocently enough with the saving of one little glider (Sassy) and multiplied quickly into our continuously growing family of four legged babies.

Currently, we have two colony cages with our adult pets that are living together in "harmony". At this time, we only have one breeding pair but they have beautiful babies (you can read more about them on their page.)

We have plans to be adding back to our crew real soon. We're going to be expanding soon with new facilities that will be great for the Gliders.

Please keep our index page bookmarked as we will be updating with all new and exciting changes as they occur.

About the Designer

This is also currently under construction and extend further apologies.

Actually, the designer is a person of interest that lives in nearby Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She met the founders of C&E Glider Safari at a local pet store mega-mart sort of chain and they've been obnoxiously fast friends ever since.  She provides web hosting and design and the occasional batch of cookies in exchange for a chance to play with the sugar babies, have some nearly free babysitting and wolf kisses.

She can be contacted via l.l. hodges design at llhodgesdesign@gmail.com


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