l.l. hodges design

L.L. Hodges Design is a small company dedicated to providing the personal touch to website design and maintenance.  Created in 1998 by Lynn Hodges, L.L. Hodges Design is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but has customers and clients throughout the continental United States and in Argentina.  With eight years of experience in graphic design, web page design, site building and domain maintenance as well as expanding horizons into brochure creation, I hope to offer you and your website the best of my ability and a chance to demonstrate my proficiency in my chosen mediums of Adobe Photoshop 7.0, Microsoft FrontPage 2003, hand coding, and cascading style sheets.

References and further information can be obtained by contacting me at llhodgesdesign@gmail.com

Please note I am no longer taking clients.


The following sites are visible to all...

C&E Glider Safari (work in progress)
(hosted on whitefoxes.net since 2006)

The Art of the Draw
(hosted on artofthedraw.com since 2001)

Buenos Aires Bound
(hosted on jespadero.com since 2003)

From the Photographic Collection of Patricia Goodliffe
(hosted on jespadero.com since 2003)

The Guy Williams WebShrine
(hosted on guywilliams.net since 1998)

Luna Negra Dance Theater
(hosted on lunanegra.org since 2001)

The Secret of Zorro
(hosted on soaringbird.net since 2000)

(hosted on soaringbird.net since 2000)

(hosted on whitefoxes.net since 2001)

The following site contains adult content and is advised for viewers of age 18 or older...

The J. Espadero Library
(hosted on jespadero.com since 1998)