Created on 2 March 2001, Whitefoxes.net was initially intended to be a sister domain to guywilliams.net to house the growing collection of fan-written fiction based on the movies and television career of the late actor Guy Williams.

The project did not quite get off the ground as originally intended, and since then whitefoxes.net has been the personal domain of one L.L. Hodges.  It was originally hosted with Hostsave, which has since gone through changes of its own and is now Gate.com


L.L. Hodges would be the webmaster in charge of this particular example of internet self-promotion and ego-stroking.  Currently, I keep my resume and other miscellaneous odds and ends here.  Eventually, I might do more, or I might not, but that's the leisure of having your own domain, you can do with it as you will.

At the time of this writing I am a 35 year old mother of one.  In July of 2008, I was married to the same wonderful man for the past 14 years.  We met online, before it was cool to meet people online, back in the days when Prodigy was the Internet.  Would you believe people used to tell us we should be on Oprah?

Other things of random interest.  I have been online in some way shape or form since 1990.  I am currently owned by three cats, Spook, Shadow and Didi and one dog, Lil'Man.  Didi is 14 at the time of this writing, Shadow and Spook, who are brothers from the same litter are going to be 8 in September and Lil'Man is the most recent addition joining us in June of 2005.  He just turned 5 years old on 22 April, 2006.  In between being a mother and wife, I now work at for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma in their customer service department for the Federal Employee Program - a division of HCSC - Health Care Services Corporation.  At the time I've been there for 14 months. This time last year, I had just finished the first portion of my training.